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5 Ways To Appreciate Your Time A Little More

Close your eyes. Imagine what life are you living now.

8 hours sleep. 2 hours eat. 8 hours at work. 6 more hours for traffic and other nonsense things.

How much time do you have to leave for yourself?

No more.

In order to prevent life from falling into dead end cycle,

What you should consider most now is

to learn how to cherish your time a little more each day, here’s how:

Self-reflection Through Journaling

Everyday, list down what happened and what you have done in a journal. Reflect, improve and then feel grateful for everything that happened. They are here for a reason, and all are good.

Carpe Diem

In many times, we ought to think of the future. Have you tried to think of what to do in a year, date a friend out next week or get yourself a self-improvement class and never actually do it? Time just slip away without you realising it. Seize the day before it’s gone, DO IT NOW.

Find Joy In All You Do

Time give us the gift of moments, and every moment changes our life forever. If you don’t enjoy every moment, it won’t be back too.

Do Minimalism

It takes a little effort to appreciate all the minimal things in life. A warm cup of coffee. A cooling shower during the sunny day. Bird’s chirping. The sound of rain falling. A smile.

A Wristwatch With Stories

Otherwise you can have yourself a minimalist wristwatch that reminds you do things above, tell you interesting stories, and wants you to own a great life!


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