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A Letter from Tian Chad to Nocturne


Dear Nocturne,

It’s been a month since we knew each other, and I’m finally decided to write you a letter instead of wanting you to write me an interview post. I told you I’m different, at least not a typical type of brand ambassador, as I’ve been struggling to capture my adoration for you.

It is so hard to describe about myself. Same as how hard to describe what I love about Nocturne watch when it has so much more than a list of character traits. I guess the common character we shared is something like a round shape, I am versatile. You are versatile.

Everyone thought I was going to be a biotechnologist the whole life. The passion on clicking the shutter has made me left my white lab coat aside to become a visual story teller. It was like no way of turning back, as from the moment when I lifted up my DSLR, I know I’m going this way.

Tian Chad is currently a renowned full time photoblogger in Kuala Lumpur

Versatile. It’s one of those words I never really gave much attention to until you came along. I always thought a watch is usually either to match formal or casual attire. Not something combined. But you proved me wrong; I found our similarity when I asked myself why would I be just a photographer or a blogger when I can be both at the same time? The moment when I see smiling faces from the people who checking out my photos and my blog posts, it makes me happy. That’s the motivation that makes me want to give more.

What about you? Your variety in case colours and the quick release interchangeable straps amazed me so much. I know this is your versatility. You spread your joy by providing the best quality in your single wrist watch. Swiss movement, sapphire crystal glass, genuine leather and even a rarely seen Tweed straps is in your collection. For me, what’s more we can ask for a Malaysian home-grown brand of watch?

“Minimalism is something simple that keeps you away from any distraction.”

You let me learned more on minimalism and elegance. These two elements are something that gives us what we need with very little design or structures that may clumps up the whole look. You will want something simple that keeps you away from any distraction, and once you achieved that, there comes the elegance.

“If you have a dream or passion, start taking action right now and help yourself to get few steps closer to your dream.”

When you asked what ‘time’ is for me, I think this speaks so much about my blog. Every one of us has 24 hours a day. It depends on how we invest our time in doing something to improve our life, or even spending time on good wills. As my blog named as “Capture Precious Moment, I always think I can exchange my time to capture one’s precious moment, and in return they let me gain more of life experiences. Hence, if you have a dream or passion, my advice for you is to start taking action right now, because how much time you’re willing to invest in getting it will matter a lot later.

Look at you, with Swiss Movement technology; it controls the watch face to stay up to date. Never forget you are a pure watch masterpiece that matches unisex and will go with any of my stylish looks. And that’s also the reason why I have presented my fiancé a set of Nocturne watch! (Worth enough I’ve got a kiss in return.)

I like you, Nocturne. May our friendship live long.


Yours Lovingly,

Tian Chad


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