The Nocturne watch is a composition of elegance, minimalism, and excellent craftsmanship.  We strive to craft lavish wristwatches accessible to all. Each Nocturne watch is made to perfection for you to keep track of your precious time.

Sincerity in Crafting

Attention to details that matters, we use only the finest materials in crafting our watches. 

We chose the extremely reliable Swiss Ronda Movement for everlasting timekeeping accuracy, scratch resistant Sapphire Crystal Glass for our lens, 316L surgical grade stainless steel for our casing, and genuine handcrafted Italian calf leather, tweed, and stainless steel mesh for our watch straps.


Less is More

We aim to create timeless watch that is classic yet contemporary by offering the flexibility of switching styles through our “Quick-Release” interchangeable straps. 

You can instantly switch the straps in split seconds to make your watch suitable for business meeting, gala dinner, or even a trip to beach. 

Definition of Nocturne

The phrase “Nocturne” refers to gentle musical compositions inspired by the night. It was first applied to musical pieces in the 18th century, and often indicated an ensemble piece in several movements.  We named it Nocturne simply because our watches are beautifully crafted with finest materials and excellent craftsmanship in watch assembly, just like the ensemble piece in several movements of “Nocturne”.

Nocturne – a gentle piece of art on your wrist to carry out the best in you.