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Andrew Chow – Exposing A Man Behind the Shutter



 Everyone has a story to tell, and it is not necessarily to be told by words.

If you ever met Andrew Chow’s photography, you will understand his ability to capture emotions and generate great stories. Everyone has a story to tell, and it can be done perfectly in pictures despite of words. A picture speaks a thousand words, and sometimes photography shows better than the picture does. And for Andrew, life is so great with the existence of photography.

Andrew Chow |  Malaysian | Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Life is a never ending learning experience for Andrew. The humble photographer has always been motivated by stories of life and love. Whether it is a successful story of an individual, or the romance story of a loving couple, he believes everyone has something to learn from. This passion eventually led Andrew to start his career as an assistant in a commercial studio, which then craving path to be a 10 years industry professional and a studio owner today.




We call Andrew’s style as elegant. His talent for rare captures of amazing natural light and flair infuse his wedding photography portfolio with a sense of expressive, sweetness, and memorable. His passion and dedication to work has won him some decent testimonials in the industry.  The good reputation has then introduced him to cover some weddings in various countries such as Italy, Australia, Singapore and Indonesia, in addition to be featured in a few renowned magazines.

Andrew often busy develops ideas on how to improve his photo-story-telling. Sometimes he is an early bird, but sometimes he is a night owl. Inspiration comes in any form and at any time, thus time is so precious that he would think missing a single second equals to miss an inspiration. He would not leave his camera behind, just like he would not leave his watch at home.





“Less is more. It’s the little things that make life big.”

In photography, timing is almost everything. Every photographer strives to seize that split-second magic when everything fits together to make a perfect picture. For Andrew, life doesn’t wait and every moment counts. The journey of life is just as important as its destination. He keep reminding himself don’t get too caught up on chasing success that we forget to take time to appreciate and love the people around us, because everyone of us “are here at the right time”.

And when he understands that any ‘decisive moment’ can happen anytime and anywhere, Andrew realized that Nocturne watch can simply be a good companion to seize the moment. An elegant minimalist timepiece with a great build and reliable Swiss movement – which is why the passionate photographer will now introduce himself as a Nocturne Enthusiast.




Get in touch with our brand enthusiast – Andrew Chow at his website: or follow his latest photography updates on Facebook NDrew Photography or Instagram ndrewphotography

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