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Don’t Try to Be A Hairstylist like Stanley Yang

Don’t get us wrong by just reading the headline, as who are we going to reveal next is someone really hard to be like.

Doing what you love is easy, but being and staying good at what you love takes challenges. Founder of Yang+ Hair Salon, Stanley Yang is a good example of performing the best of him by hair styling.

We set an appointment with Stanley today at 10 in the morning. Stanley wakes very early every morning and kick-starts the day with a 15-30 mins reading session. Then he will plan and get preparation for appointment of the day. A decent breakfast boosts his spirit and energy thereafter.

Stanley’s 2 simple rules staying passionate:

Follow Your Curiosity

Don’t Set an Artificial Ceiling for Yourself

The atmosphere in Yang+ Hair Salon smells good, literally and abstractly. Stanley serves a cup of handcrafted chamomile tea before starting a consultation session on customer’s hair condition. Not forget to mention the salon is furnished with good taste, minimal but cosy fittings and appliances, making everyone feel at home.

Minimalism and Elegance is the quality of being pleasingly ingenious and simple.

– Stanley Yang

Stanley emphasizes himself as an independent stylish and the “independent” word really caught my curiosity. During the session, he takes cares of everything by himself: from consultation to hair wash, colouring, cutting, blowing, and even signing me out. It is a truly one-on-one personalized hairdressing service which you will have full attention from Stanley.

We can feel the passion and effort that Stanley putting on into his works, he wouldn’t compromise on the small details which it might easily get skipped by other hair stylist. The service is different from what you can get from a commercialized hair salon, as you won’t be getting any consultation (even if you do, it is just a very minor sharing by the stylist), or the whole session will be done within 30 minutes.

Time is the indefinite continuing progress. Time discipline me on my today’s tomorrow’s and future plan. – Stanley Yang

Stanley spent 2 hours on me but I can say this is the best hair dressing experience that I ever had. What I truly love is how Stanley understands my personality and lifestyle, and connects it to a personalized hair style that brings out the best in me. Before signing me out, he shared with me that we all know beauty is about what’s on the inside, but we’ve got to admit that every time we have our hair done, we leave the salon with feeling even more confident and ready to take on the world!

Nocturne is proud to find another enthusiast with a unique personality. What Stanley and Nocturne Watch in common is that we believe everyone deserves a versatile style and we both want to make luxury affordable. You have to experience the quality to believe it.

Get in touch with our brand enthusiast – Stanley Yang at his Facebook YANG+ Hair Salon or Instagram yangplussalon


Words by S.Y Wong

Photos Credit Stanley Yang

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