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Standing at the age where we’re no longer dressing up just to survive the day, there is a need for fashion and beauty in every one of us. Nowadays, the piece of clothing that you have carefully picked into the closet will not be just what you look like in surface, it shows wisdom in you, and they are dressing up your life.

Kit Woo in SS20 Process, KLFW 2019

The Nocturne team had the 1st unforgettable experience collaborating with Malaysia based designer Kit Woo in Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2019, and we couldn’t wait to share the cool looks of his Fall Winter 2019 & Spring Summer 2020 collections and all the excitements in between.

“Inspired by the fluidity of traditional monk attire, this season, Kit Woo express his art through the studying of drapes and construction of monk robes. By combining western tailoring and eastern traditional monk robes, fusing the precision of tailoring and soft draping, create a harmony of textiles, and construction. This season, witness the different relaxed-silhouettes, hybrid styles and intricate details through the process of deconstructing western and eastern traditional garments.”

Kit Woo SS20 Lookbook

The most exciting piece in the showcase has to be the all brown jacket suit with many of Kit Woo’s signature “strips”, paired with a Nocturne Sling Watch exclusively designed for KLFW19,  the rough traits had made the piece a terrific monster look. 

The tough tooling elements in one of the pieces by Kit Woo’s sub label _NDERSCORE presented a sense of fury within a young man.  

The fury was then calmed by another masterpiece of his SS20 collections, surprisingly in a brighter colour. Inspired by the monk robes, the wrap-over drape shows the perfect balance of boldness and mildness. It is complex and rich, but not contradictory. As if it’s the inner portrayal of a monk: it’s all about balance.

Overall, the show feasted its audiences with a series of Kit Woo’s attitude, expressing the stability and depth of contemporary men, nevertheless highlighted Kit’s daring and creativity, as always.

Not forget to mention a breakthrough in the runway that showed his clothing pieces are well-adaptable to ladies too!

Here are the eye-catching looks before ending the wonderful show:

Be like the sky, the earth, the night, and be a man you would like to be. ~Nocturne

Clothes that worn on you is the ‘spokesperson’ of your life. Just like time that is shaping your life, every piece of clothing in your closet is shaping your look and affecting your daily life. Thus, dress up very seriously. You don’t need to dress up every day, but be sure to have a pretentious attitude in selecting your pieces, as they represent the wisdom in you.

Get a second look or fit on Nocturne Sling Watch by Kit Woo at Isetan the Japan Store, Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur, popping up until 9th September 2019. Pre-order is available by direct message or email [email protected] after the pop up date. 

Photos by Andrea Amir, Maestro Ridwan

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