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Life doesn’t always give us what we want, but it sure gives us what we need. Sometimes the more we fight against something we want, the harder it persists and goes against us. It’s like trying to swim upstream against a strong current, and end up feeling exhausted.

Learn To Go With The Flow

Sometimes, we have to learn to go with the flow, just like Hau Min, the former Malaysia Radio 988 FM’s DJ. The Nocturne team had a coffee –chat earlier with Min when she made a tough decision to quit from her position of a decade. After 10 years working as a radio announcer, she believes it’s time to offer something else to the world and release some other passions that lied inside her for such a long time.

Being a radio DJ in 988 FM was not in Min’s initial career planning. Born in Johor Bahru and grew up in Kulai, Min was not Chinese educated where she attended the national primary and secondary schools in Malaysia. Thanks to her mom who taught her Chinese language and made who she is today. Min was also brought up as an aesthete, she learnt to play different music instruments including violin, piano, and guitar; yet she finds joy in dancing during school times. The UTM graduate majoring in Remote Sensing has been engaging with a few ordinary jobs and failed some singing and acting auditions until she gained the DJ job offer from 988 FM in year 2009.

Real Recognize Real

During the decade serving her listeners, Hau Min enjoyed sharing and spreading positive vibes by sticking to her core belief – being real. She believes people out there will feel it if a DJ is faking something and not saying what they really mean. The truthfulness in her had made quite a number of followers who are always like to intellect with her, and that is also the reason why she feels blessed along her career.

Breakthrough – Your Worst Enemy Is Yourself

While the real breakthrough is always breaking through oneself, Hau Min’s biggest breakthrough is the result of combating fear inside her every day talking to hundred thousands of people. Don’t resist the fear, let it comes our way and practice it patiently, you will definitely gain a stronger heart and mind, just like her. A radio announcer basically gets inspired by almost everything around, but Hau Min gets her greatest inspiration from some renowned TV hosts in Taiwan, namely Kevin Tsai (蔡康永), Matilda Tao (陶晶莹), Mickey Huang (黄子佼) and He Jiong (何炅) from China. For Hau Min, these public figures have strong characteristics and high EQ that she always aims to reach for being a radio deejay.

Definition of Passion?

The magical thing about placing your passion into your career is you would never know the satisfaction might goes beyond your expectation. Hau Min chose to “go with the flow” instead of hunting passion in life. For her, passion is something she feels excited and happy, they lie in our lives, sometimes we didn’t even realize them.  Thus in other words, her way of searching passion in life is to live everyday to the fullest. “Sometimes I wonder I might reach a greater height if I can be more aggressive. But I have no regret, as the past brought me to the current stage, and my experiences have made a better me,” says Hau Min to Nocturne’s team while taking another sip of her coffee.

“Live everyday to the fullest, passion lies within it!” ~ Hau Min

10 Years, Now and Then

Looking back at her 10 years journey in 988FM, Min said it was truly a wonderful adventure, just like “Alice in the Wonderland”. She appreciated every single moments that she had, from turning the microphone on, interviewing great individuals and celebrities from all over the world, to influencing people around her. Not forgetting the biggest lesson learnt during the stage collapse incident happened during 988 FM’s 20th Anniversary celebration. Although many DJs were injured that night but yet this didn’t stop them to perform better during the concert. The memorable night ended with a lot of touching moments, the cohesion between them grew stronger and determination brought the team to overcome the obstacles together.

Moving on, Min has now continued to spread her thoughts and stories via launching a podcast channel in Youtube. A change in platform to interact with her audiences from radio broadcasting to online podcast is definitely a new challenge to her, as the popularity among online podcasting is still lacking in Malaysia. However, it has a positive reach in viewership for a short two weeks time after launching. 

Future is uncertain, but that doesn’t stop us from moving on. A new journey is awaiting Hau Min, and the Nocturne’s team believes the beauty who goes with the flow will shine in her own way at her own pace.

For Min, Minimalism is reducing down to only necessity, and the amount is just right to make us feel good by keeping only the ‘essence’.  Time is life; both are non-reversible and so precious that money can’t buy. By putting on Nocturne Chopin 40, she has realized the flexibility in both the watch and herself, and she can manage time better than before. Perhaps more better time?

“Watch is an accessory, and it is always the best enhancement to your character. When you find the right accessory, you feel good and instantly uplift your confidence level. I don’t like to show off; I prefer elegance in low key. Elegance is just like ballerinas, everything about them is elegant!” ~ Hau Min

5 Random Facts about Hau Min

  • Name your few hobbies

Everything related to art, singing, acting, drawing, watching movie, and etc.

  • Name a movie character who you wish to become, why?

Alita! A cyborg living in the virtual world, and she is so cool! Her characteristics are contrary to mine: she is aggressive, brave, agile, and righteous!

  • If you couldn’t work in the current industry, what would you be?

If i am not a radio DJ, i might love to try for TV hosting, composer, and scriptwriter. Maybe venturing into cafe business? Just because  i like coffee very much!

  • What have you enjoyed most during your career?

A lot of wonderful experiences that I’ve gained along the journey: interviewing with great individuals and celebrities, interacting with audiences, spreading my thoughts and vibes around, and everyday is a new challenge to me!

  • What is your ultimate goal in life?

Have a peaceful mind (sounds like a simple goal, but difficult to achieve), keep doing what i love to do, and influence my surrounding.

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