Every working morning listening to some different nutritious topics despite of getting stuck in the hopeless traffic; stopped hanging out on Friday night but tuned in to 988 FM to listen to many heartbreaking stories happened in the city. If you are a Malaysian Chinese, you will feel no stranger to this habit.

Chan Fong – one of the most successful radio deejays in Malaysia, is the managing director of 180 Degree Brandcom. Not forgetting he is also an actor in some of the local TV drama series, the father of three can be said as a versatile player in the entertainment industry. Amidst his many achievements, Chan Fong did not transform into a renowned and respectable figure overnight. While we all may not be going through what Chan Fong went through along the path, but still, we feel the thirst on factors that kept him going.

The Nocturne team had an up-close interview with Chan Fong and finds out the lessons we should pick up from the man with many talents.

8 Lessons Learned From Chan Fong

(1) Learn like A Sponge No Matter How Old You Are

Studied in Graphic Designer had made Chan Fong joined the radio industry by opportunity. To support his own studies, Chan Fong got himself a part time job at the cable radio station – Rediffusion working as a sound talent. His journey in the radio station for 27 years now had started to grow when the program director invited him to be a part time deejay.

In year 1994, he has become a TV host and producer of the 1st music album of the famous Malaysian Mandopop duo Michael & Victor (Guang Liang Pin Guan). Chan Fong even started in drama acting since year 1997 until today. Fans can spot his face in Persona II, the most recent drama (in year 2018) he has played as the antagonist Mr. X. In between the multi-tasks, Chan Fong has founded the advertising agency – 180 degree, partnering with some friends.

He is an all-out learner and good player in no matter which industry he is in, as he strived at whatever he was doing without considering too much on the rewards.

“Knowing my capability of making good changes of others’ lives fueled passions into my life”~Chan Fong

(2) Identify Your Core Belief And Stick To It

Some say core beliefs and happiness are intertwined. Core beliefs are very important in terms of giving us the power of self-acceptance and self-esteem. Among all the professions he is multi-tasking; Chan Fong’s core belief is always to work honestly and practically.  Despite the fact that he’s dealing with all kinds of people on-air and on the advertising field, Chan Fong’s willingness to listen to others and give honest advices is an incomparable value from which we can all learn.

For him, integrity and reliability are the core values that one should carry nonetheless in the work place or in entrepreneurship. He has always aimed to do long term business to proof his trustworthiness in giving the best.

“Don’t be too greedy on getting more of what you want in return or you will lose your positioning.”~Chan Fong

(3) Turn Challenge Into A Break Through

Sometimes having a wise management in your company saves you from crisis. Chan Fong faced a challenge by the time when his program manager addressed a change in hosting style. Chan Fong was requested to stop hosting casual programs to talk about news and current affairs during the morning time belt, as the management thought casualty may not be a good direction for a long term radio business. Chan Fong was the best candidate to lead the new current affairs program – 988 Morning Up (weekdays 6am – 10am).

It was considered a challenge for Chan Fong, but obviously he has overcome the challenge successfully and awakens some greater potential within him that he had never realized before. Every challenge is possibly an opportunity to get closer to the destination, so fear not to overcome it and glory shall come after the hardship. 

“There’s no shortcut in life. Be pragmatic and honest are the only way to drive you further. ”~Chan Fong

(4) Find Your Mentor or Role Model

All Malaysian Chinese who listen to 988 FM learn from Chan Fong. By listening to different true stories in City Heart Beat realizing many mistakes we should be avoid making, and picked up all the good values to be practiced in life. Chan Fong is the mentor or role model of many of his listeners, but who’s the role model behind this good role model?

Hong Kong citizens may be very familiar with a radio host and singer named Gary Ngan Luen Mo, who is the influencer behind Chan Fong on producing the high rating program City Heart Beat.  On the other hand, the most important advertising gurus for Chan Fong are Al Ries and Jack Trout, who were the authors of the revolutionary advertising strategy book “Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind” that taught him about branding, marketing, and product management. Chan Fong’s most enlightening master has to be the Austrian-born American author – Peter Drucker, who has educated him on philosophies and practical foundations of managing a modern business corporation. Peter Drucker has been honored as “the founder of modern management”.

Good role models will guide our actions and motivate us to uncovering out true potentials. All great leaders and high achievers have one thing in common – they have good role models. So, find your mentor and role model today.

(5) Spark Joy in Daily Routine

Many people hate routines. Routines seem boring as we were taught happiness in life is made of “un-routine”. However many prominent individuals in their own fields are practicing their own specific routines.

The Nocturne’s team learnt that Chan Fong’s routine is actually quite simple and regular. He wakes up at 5 in the morning every weekday and getting ready for the breakfast show at 6am after sending his children to school. He will be then rushing back to 180 Degree for a whole busy day. Sometimes, a short gym session is possible for an earlier off-work. Chan Fong always tries his best not to work on weekends, as he thinks companion time for family is equally important in his life. He usually finds different little joy in doing his chores, for example he will listen to a different theme of playlist (classic 90’s ­still his favourite) while busy in the kitchen.  

The psychology of daily routine is to spark joy during your routines, to create a different mood while doing the same thing over and over again. Happiness is not how many things you do, but how well you do them. 

“I’m going to listen to Joker Xue’s music today; he’s been a hit lately.”~Chan Fong

(6) Always Remember the Steps Behind

When we asked about what achievement is Chan Fong’s most proud of, he gave us an answer that we all should ponder of.

“Although my mother had never comment and interfere on what I do, but I can always feel her worries previously. However, now when people in the neighborhood ask her about me, I can see the smile on her face and feel that she is really proud of me. I guess making my mother proud is the only achievement I am most proud of.”

We are always taught to look forward and move forward but not many realize the true meaning as though you have the confidence to move forward, eventually gives you confidence to look back and see what you have done and who is the one always supports your back.

“There are no regrets in life, only lessons. If you regret something, it’s because you didn’t learn from it.”~Chan Fong

(7) Manage Yourself Instead of Manage Time

We all have the same 24 hours every day. The main reason why some people achieve more in a day than most people do in a month, is not because they manage time better, it is because they manage themselves better. You can’t manage time but can only manage yourself.

Chan Fong’s to-do lists are crazy, but he always reminds himself not to be greedy in setting too many priorities. He believes in “the more you wish to accomplish, the less you will accomplish”, shrinking the numbers of your desired items may pushes you faster and more focused.

“One day when you find yourself no longer controlled by time, I believe you have survived and relieved from the burdens and responsibilities that have been binding you.” Says Chan Fong when asked about how he defines time.

(8) Be Simple & Versatile Like Nocturne Watch

For Chan Fong, minimalism is an attitude. It is not simple to be a minimalist, as it requires one to eliminate greed.  It also needs one to let go of extra desires. The clarity in minimalism has form an aura of elegance and easily attracts people more. Just like his principle of focusing on things he most valued and removal of other extras that distracting him, we believe Chan Fong is a minimalist.

In Nocturne, we pay attention on the high value of a wrist watch as we use Swiss Movement as its accurate core and Sapphire Crystal Glass to protect your “time” from harm. Its simple, versatile and chic design has been adored by Chan Fong – the new enthusiast and friend of Nocturne Watch.

“What I like about Nocturne watch is how it compliments my everyday attire. And I can change the straps in split seconds. When I’m in formal wear I’ll change into Mesh Straps, but I like to use the leather straps whenever I’m in casual wear. It feels like I’m putting on different watches every day.” ~Chan Fong

5 Random Facts about Chan Fong

  • Name your 3 hobbies

Watch Movies. Listen to songs while cooking. Space out at the balcony

  • Name a movie character who you wish to become, why?

Sherlock Holmes (cast by Robert Downey Jr.), Not only intelligent and agile, he is also able to connect the dots. I wish to act as Sherlock Holmes in Chinese version.

  • If you couldn’t work in the current industry, what would you be?

Maybe a counsellor to enlighten those who live in the darkness. Or I’ll be an actor.

  • What have you enjoyed most during your career?

I enjoy during the interactions with listeners. I feel grateful because they are willing to share their problems with me. I learned a lot too during the process.

  • What is your ultimate goal in life?

I wish to seek more on the relationship between me and the universe. Why am I here? I find this is a very mysterious exploration.

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