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Sam & Cola – Never Take Your Eyes Off Shaggy

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, but they are destined to be bound together.

This theory is well-proven in the relationship of Sam and Cola. Before being positioned as a ‘hipster’ couple, Cola was a professional dancer, part time model as well as a stage actress; while Shaggy was a renowned street artist, designer and a disc jockey. The atheist couple strongly believe that mutual respect and integrity are the best bridges between human beings.

To sail through the unpredictable life journey, a right soul mate plays an extremely important role. Sam and Cola realized that their like-minded, brotherhood-alike relationship and matching life principles are the main drivers on igniting their passion.

Waking up every morning and doing own favourite things is definitely everyone’s dream. Elevating creativity on how to create an impactful endorsement content has filled up Sam and Cola’s daily to-do-list. This includes how to polish their photographing and designing skills. However, the couple emphasize more on brands and products with interesting stories behind, which is why they chose Nocturne.

“If minimalism is an attitude of low-key luxury, elegance will be the soul of it.” – Sam & Cola

Time will justify and tell a truth, sometimes time tells about love too. How much time you make for a relationship decides how strong the bonding is. For Sam and Cola, spending one minute in a conflict equals to losing one minute of precious moment, and so they often make time for a talk rather than an argument.

The versatility and exquisiteness of the watch have perfectly blended into the duo’s daily lifestyle. It solves their daily puzzle effectively as it suits with any outfit and any occasion. Most importantly, it has silently spoken out for Sam and Cola, who are now the enthusiasts of a contemporary minimalist watch, with a touch of classic rhythm.

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