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Shawn Goh – “Make-up” Your Mind

“Life has never been easy, you either make a change, or you will be nothing”. This inspiring quote is the daily motivation for Shawn, who is a renowned makeup artist in Malaysia. Despite plunging into this challenging industry, Shawn is able to step ahead and stand out with his incredible creativity and own unique aesthetic. While putting aside all the makeup brushes, Shawn likes to explore new territory of knowledge and actively looking for new inspirations.

Shawn doesn’t like to limit himself and stay in his comfort zone. He believes potential has to be motivated and trained. Instead of staying in a box, he always seeks for transformation and improvements. For him, makeup is an art and passion, each makeup artist is unique and irreplaceable in their own style.


“I insist to have nice breakfast and a cup of freshly brewed coffee every morning, this is the best thing to kick start a brand new day, do you find any better than this?”

As a self-employed makeup artist who also needs entrepreneurial skills to bring the makeup business to the next level, “quality of time” means so much for Shawn. Yet he always needs more quality time to spend with friends and family. Odd and long working hours have made him to look at the watch even more, at same time reminding him to always follow his heart to live. During spare time, he likes to enjoy food and hitting the gym.



“For me, health is the best investment you can make; you only can go further with a healthy body and mind.”

For Shawn, time is precious as we only live once #YOLO, he will make sure his 24 hours are well spent. The motto of his life on spending time is we can’t travel back to yesterday, what we can do is to live today to the fullest and welcome a fascinating tomorrow.




Shawn is a huge minimalist lover. Same as Nocturne, he always emphasizes less is more, simple yet elegant is the way to live.  Minimalism is an attitude in his life; it might look simple and monochromatic, but contented.

“I don’t always put on a watch as I hardly can find a versatile watch which suits my daily outfit and style, until I found Nocturne. It is not just a watch, but an attention to detailing, versatile, and I would love to call it a creation of art piece. ”

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