“I learned a lot through my life and my paintings. Slowly, I realized there’s no “perfection” in life. I started to learn to go with the flow; I no longer paint specially for any reason. And I began to allow imperfect lines in my paintings, because perfections lie within imperfections.”

SKheng, also known as SK, is a Malaysian artist who resides in Taiwan. The Kuala Lumpur-born shares to us on how to live a life of your dream and waking up every single morning with gratitude. 

“When I was young, I always wanted to present the most perfect and beautiful painting to everyone. It’s because I hope that one day my work can be seen by people from all over the world. ” SKheng narrates when we bring up about her expectations being an artist.


Skheng emphasizes to stop comparing in the world of art. Her core belief is that every artist should pay attention to own thoughts/emotions/conception. The more one compares, the more resentment emerged.

“Through my observations, there are two types of persons who like my paintings. The first one is that they just like my paintings, without any other ideas. Second:  They like it at first sight, but they’ll have some other additional emotions like sadness, moody or even feeling healed.”

The biggest breakthrough of SKheng as an artist is to instil “inner-self” into her paintings. Nowadays, many people busy being busy in their lives. That could be me and you.  And they’ve forgotten to face with their own hearts by living in others’ expectations. Gradually this will lead to a person in an empty shell, living with an empty heart.

Skheng’s goal is to urge the viewers to let out the emotions and talk to their own hearts when looking at her paintings. “You have to learn to love yourself before others to love you.”

The 27-year-old artist owns a healthy daily lifestyle. “The first thing after getting up is to turn on some healing music and start my morning yoga stretch for about 40-50 minutes. My favourite thing to do is to have a cup of sugar-free soy milk or fresh banana milk after exercise. After brunch, I will bring a glass of water on my workbench and start my daily work.”

SKheng has a profession as a commercial graphic designer. Inspirations are highly needed working in the creative industry. “Sometimes I’ll just take a nap when I’m out of inspirations. The nap time will fall between 3-5pm, as the sunlight that beams on my sofa gives me the best feel of the day.”


“Sometimes when I’m in my highest mood, I will paint all day through, isolated in my own world.”

Indeed, painting allows one to express their feelings and emotions without words. The talented artist admits that painting is her way of meditation. Painting makes her go out of her current state of mind and temporarily pushes aside all worries. “It’s like playing music: you’ve muted all sounds from the real world and start your own rhythm. It’s also like the tip of your tongue during food savoury: interesting things happen between your fingertips.” She explains.


Come to the most important question from the Nocturne’s team, we’re very aggressive to know how our enthusiast defines time. From SKheng’s perspective, time is priceless. “Although we all know that time never looks back, but how well can we assure to cherish everything and everyone around us? We will only learn to cherish a person/thing right after we’ve lost them. Time makes us learn.” 

SKheng says about Nocturne Chopin 40…

“I’m a person who yearns for minimalist style. I don’t wear too many accessories in my daily dressing, but a watch is definitely a must when going out. When I saw Nocturne’s watch, I’m attracted by its simple, stylish, and minimal design. Only then I found that Nocturne is a brand that emphasizes inner quality and promotes sense of artistic in our daily lives. I like matching my Rose Gold Chopin 40 with black leather.  


Nocturne and I share the same view. We might not be famous in the eyes of the world, but our masterpiece is something full of soul. They might seem simple on the outside, but you’ll find many details that lie within when you see through them. I’m like this, so as Nocturne.”

Begin to enjoy the bliss of your own soul.  – From the Nocturne’s team

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