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The Devil Wears Prada, The Clever Wears Kit Woo

If you haven’t heard of the line, you must have seen the lines. We’re talking about the lines on Malaysia based contemporary fashion designer – Kit Woo’s clothing pieces.

Kit Woo is an inspiring clothing brand to keep on your radar.

Growing up in a small town in Pahang Malaysia, Kit was once a boy next door until he decided chasing his dream to be a fashion designer in New York City. By majoring in Fashion Design in the Pratt Institute, U.S, Kit has won a 2nd runner-up in the Cotton Incorporated Design Competition 2014, an internship opportunity for Melitta Baumeister, Public School New York, and also a volunteered back stage dresser for Zang Toi at New York Fashion Week.

Kit has started his own clothing label since 2016, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


“Keep an open mind, be ready to learn and accept new things. Don’t stay in the comfort zone. ” – Kit Woo

Kit has gained decent reputation with his strong epicene characteristics in all his designs. Taking a glimpse on his masterpieces, you may only find black and white colour, with unconventional styles like draping, layering and shapes. Kit’s aesthetic on “oversize” and “reject sexiness” has added a sense of modesty and coolness with a hint of mystery. You’ll learn that the creative designer has broken the rules of dressmaking, after he has mastered it.

“Sexy, to me, is when it gives a hint of mystery and when the wearer feels 100% comfortable in what they wear. It doesn’t matter if it is a size of XL T-shirt or a pair of baggy pants, so long as you’re comfortable and you’re confident in wearing, people will see how sexy you are,” Kit once explained in an interview of The Sun Daily.

“Kit Woo’s label truly believes in paying attention to the details.” – Nocturne’s Founder

Every day is a surprise for Kit. He likes to move with times and absolutely despise routine. Time is the only thing that keeps him moving. When we asked what is minimalism and elegance and how Nocturne can be Kit’s daily companion, his answer is inspiring, “Minimalism is when you are most comfortable, and when you feel comfortable, you have confidence, and then the presence of elegance will come naturally. The sole reason for wearing a watch is to tell time. Wearing Nocturne watch is to tell time with a personal style.”

Kit Woo’s ultimate goal in life: to pursue financial comfortable, to help others especially in education, and to leave a mark with his brand label.

Nocturne is proud to introduce its latest brand enthusiast and collaboration partner – Kit Woo. Discover Kit’s stunning pieces at or get it from ISETAN The Japan Store (1F).  Follow latest updates on their Facebook at Kit Woo or Instagram at @kitwoo.

All photos courtesy of Kit Woo & Photographed by Ericj Loo

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