We find Cassey’s signature laughter so adorable.

It was a pleasant chatting session at Cassey Gan’s studio on one Saturday afternoon. Cassey Gan, a Malaysian fashion designer who has just returned from presenting her collection of 2019 and marked her 3rd international fashion show appearance in AW19 – London Fashion Week through Fashion Scout.

The biggest breakthrough in my career is when I was able to show my collection during the London Fashion Week.

Cassey with her creations in AW19 London Fasion Week.

While Cassey was enjoying a cup of black coffee we brought, she showed us around at her cosy working space. It is a lovely combination of a showroom with a small workshop consisting of some sewing machines and experienced seamstresses. On usual days not attending fashion shows and materials scouting, Cassey will be producing concepts, developing patterns and analyzing fabrics in the studio. Not forgetting to mention, several of colourful paintings hanging on the wall added even more artsy feels to the ambient.

The Entrance to Cassey’s studio.
Paintings area that will stimulate creativity.
Tailoring & sewing machines in the workshop.

You can tell how cheerful Cassey’s personality is by looking at her fun design works. Cassey’s silhouettes are fabricated with clashing prints, uneven trimmings, and puzzle-liked details. The colourful selections of prints, forms and silhouettes have broken the rules and fill with surprises. It has made the label very popular among women with silent confident poise and to those who want to have a little fun in their wardrobe. By looking at ladies who put on Cassey Gan’s, we can tell they are very satisfied with the wardrobe.

Cassey Gan’s S11 DD06, dress with detachable bibs

I learn as I grow, I fall at times but then because I love it so much, I just don’t ever give up.

Can you see the passion is burning?

We asked if Cassey had her lunch before the interview. We’re amused to find her strong motto that kept her going along the way. She said she is hungry but that’s okay as sometimes she keeps herself hungry because hunger is the thing that pushes people to succeed. The never give-up spirit is also sustained by passion that is burning.

My biggest inspiration is from my parents, they have a “never say never” spirit.

Cultivating interest from an early age is important for a child. Cassey likes to crafts, drawing beautiful shapes and creating collages since small. She thought hobbies will stay as hobbies and thus she got herself an engineering degree. But life isn’t what she expected that after her studies, she needed a change in her career path. Cassey ended up in London College of Fashion, bringing her parents’ biggest supports with her along the path.

6 years now since the label start-up, it requires a lot of efforts and persistence. The talented designer insisted to start small and stay focus, as designing clothes is not just a job for Cassey, it is a way of life, a truly happy life she always wanted.

Cassey’s all time slogan: Never afraid to be true to yourself!

For Cassey, time is something that should be spent on things that are worthwhile. During free time not at work, the cheerful designer likes to hang out with friends and family. She especially likes to be with positive people because for her, time spent with these people is time well spent. Despite of being with positive people, we believe Cassey’s cheerful personality has always makes an appeal to people around her. We have fallen in love with her contagious face that is always filled with laughter.

Cassey with Nocturne Chopin 40 – Silver White Mesh on her wrist.

Before getting known of Nocturne, Cassey seldom wears a watch.

“I respect time and punctuality; hence having a watch at all times definitely help to keep me in check. Nocturne is very visually minimalistic, classy and beautiful, which makes it a great accessory for clothes-matching. It goes everywhere with me now, even when I travel!”

Before leaving, we agreed on next coffee date with Cassey soon and we feel so excited on our upcoming collaborations in the fashion industry. Anticipate something interesting happen between Nocturne and Cassey Gan, be sure to keep yourself updated on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

10 Random Facts about Cassey

Name your 3 hobbies

Designing, visiting exhibitions, travelling

Name a movie character who you wish to become, why?

Emily Blunt, She is so witty, graceful and she seems rather grounded. I also love her accent!

What is your daily routine and lifestyle?

Wake up, breakfast (sometimes), head to the studio and work till around 8:30pm, have dinner with family, watching Netflix before I sleep. Repeat.

How do you find passion in life?

Keep trying different things and I don’t mind doing something over and over again for very long hours and still feel excited about it.

Your hero in life.

Fashion! It changed EVERYTHING about me; I became more confident, self-assured and happier!

If you couldn’t work in the current industry, what would you be?

I have no idea.

Define minimalist and elegance.

Minimalism is when something looks simple, uncluttered yet exudes a very strong sense of design. Elegance is a measure of taste.

Core beliefs in your life.

Always be humble and do not step on others in order to reach greater heights. Stay grounded and always try my best in anything I decided to do.

Greatest regret?

I don’t think I have regretted any decisions. I am grateful for not-so-good decisions that helped me make better decisions.

What is your ultimate goal in life?

Being able to continue to design, create and bring joy to the world!

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All photos courtesy of Cassey Gan and her photographer.

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